Who should apply?

Lifeway Haven was never intended to be all things to all people. We feel called to help women who are coming out of incarceration. We know the challenges they face are real and their options are limited. So….if you can answer “yes!” to each of these statements, we welcome you to apply.

  1. I’m done! My old ways have to change. I’m ready to learn a better way to live.
  2. I’m fully committed to dedicate a year of my life to build a new foundation.
  3. During my year at Lifeway, I will strive to learn how to build healthy relationships.
  4. I prefer to live in a Christian home environment.
  5. I desire to become self supporting and independent through hard work and mature choices.
  6. I want to be an asset to myself, my family and my community.
  7. I am resolved to let God lead and make something beautiful of my life.