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First and foremost, we desire your prayers. These are the three things that are constants:
1. Pray for God to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of our ladies. Our ladies are coming straight from prison. That alone is enough to cause PTSD. Many incarcerated women were traumatized at a very young age and lived in an environment that seeks to take advantage. Such environments can take a heavy toll on one’s physical and mental health.
2. Pray for unity in our home. Only with harmony among the Lifeway ladies, home leaders and directors can real growth and change take place.
3. Pray for God’s leading and favor upon this ministry. Let’s be honest here – working in this space of community living with previously incarcerated women can be extremely challenging for all of us. We, as people, can only bring so much to the table. We desperately need God to do a work that only He can do.


Many of our ladies have major dental needs. We are part of a wonderful program that allows the ladies to get dental work done at a substantially discounted rate. If you feel led to donate to our dental fund, please send a check with a note to apply to the dental fund for the ladies. Although this program also allows us to get very affordable medical coverage as well, sometimes they have medial needs that are not covered. If this is the area you feel led to donate, please send a check with a note to apply to the medical fund for the ladies. Your donations are tax deductible as Lifeway Haven is a registered 501c3.

Mail checks to:

Lifeway Haven
PO Box 8871
Waco, TX 76714